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    Hi all.

    I am about to start my first project. A few years back my mum had some old cine film reels transfered to VHS. Now the time has come to transfer them to DVD instead which is something I plan to do myself.

    The original cine film was scratched, badly in some places, and the scratches therefore were transfered onto the VHS tape. As the VHS tape contains about 5 cine reels from different times I would like to split these back up into 5 titles on a DVD, simple enough. But what I would also like to try and do is repair the scratches. I know this is possible for still photos in photo editing software but I was wondering if there is anything that could to the same for video footage?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    You could do the same thing for video. You can export each frame and 'repair' it in a photo editor. Long and laborious I grant you but it will work as long as your video editting s/w has the feature to export and import stills as video.

    However, this type of job is best attacked in somethign like Adobe After Effects (I only quote that s/w because it;s the one I know. There are other out there though) and use wire removal techniques and plugins to remove the scratches.

    Probably an easier option but a much more costly one I suspect.

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    You could use the clone tool in AE to remove scratches and flll in missing parts of each frame, but as Alan says, it will be long and labourious. Personally, I wouldn't remove every single scratch as your video will end up having that 'cleaned up using a computer' look to it.

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    I think the best thing for me to do is upload a still of the video so that you can see what I am dealing with. Unfortunately we arent talking about Charlie Chaplin silent movie type scratches here, they are pretty substantial.

    I have considered the idea of repairing each frame in a photo app, but as there is about an hour of video I think it would simply take forever.

    Adobe AE does certainly sound interesting and I am going to do some more reading up on it to see exactly what it will let me do.

    As soon as I have a still uploaded I will post the URL on here.

    Thanks so much for your suggestions.

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