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Thread: Newbie - DVD quality poor - where am I going wrong?

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    Default Newbie - DVD quality poor - where am I going wrong?

    Hi all,

    I have spent an hr looking through all the posting to see if my question has been answered before, so I don't bore you all...I couldn't find an answer exactly so here goes and sincere apologies if it has.

    I have been using moviemaker to edit all our school productions. I have a Canon 750i digital camcorder ( 3 yrs old), I use a firwire cable to transfer the footage to my pc. I then use Movie Maker to edit the footage. I save it as a DV-AVI file. I then use MY DVD Deluxe 6 to import the file, make the menu etc and write to disk. For some strange reason the last 2 DVD's created are not as good quality as they used to be and it's even more noticible as I always add a photo gallery at the end, showing the children getting ready etc - the quality of the photo's are far superior.

    When I first viewed it, I thought it may have been my TV as we've just bought a flat screen 37" but a parent has just commented on the poor quality too.

    I have also created a dvd from my own camcorder, again a canon but 550i and the same quality problems again.

    I must be doing something wrong, the only thing I can think of dirty heads ( if this can happen even ?) but on both camcorders, would that not be more than a coincidence? I also re-use tapes approx 5 times...could that be a problem? The school is on a tight budget.

    I told school that we needed to buy some decent software as I think I now need to move on from Movie Maker, so I 've bought an education copy of Adobe Premiere Elements 4 - I've just had a quick look at it but I think it will take sometime to adjust to it and learn how to do it.

    I know, I am quite a novice but I love creating DVD's and would like to progress further. I'm hoping that some-one may kindly offer me some useful advice to a beginner and where I'm going wrong?

    Many thanks

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    Everything works fine up until you use MY DVD Deluxe 6 and then the problems start. I haven't used this software myself so I can only guess that the settings have been changed in it. You have correctly used a Firewire cable to connect the camcorder to the computer and Movie Maker is quite up to the job of capturing and editing. If falls down when you then have to use another piece of software to make your actual DVD and this can be were the problem occurs. The settings you applied to the video file in Movie Maker may have been altered or changed in someway in MY DVD Deluxe 6 without you noticing it and therefore affect your finished DVD.

    I would start using APE4 which allows you to capture, edit and most importantly make DVD's all under the one roof so the settings never change, compared to using two different pieces of software. All is not lost, you still have the original tapes or have you reused them? If you still have the originals then recapture, re-edit and re-burn your DVD again using APE4. Now that the end of the year is approaching and schools are closing, I teach part time myself, perhaps you could get started on APE4? Can you borrow the disc the software came on or can you take a computer home with you that has the software on it?

    I know how tight budgets are, but is there not some way where they can be purchased the same way as stationery or school supplies?

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    Many thanks for your reply, I agree it makes sense that settings could change when I use My DVD. I Have a sch laptop so I will endeavor to learn APE4 over Christmas. I suppose you don't know of any easy to use tutorials do you?

    Thanks for your help.

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    The only place I can think of is Adobe's website other than that you could do a search on Google and see what it turns up.

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