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    Default 4 windows in my video

    Ok here's what I want to do so if someone can help me I'd greatly appreciate it. I'm a musician who makes my own music recording 1 track (instrument) at a time. I'd like to video myself doing just that but have no idea how. I've seen other musician's do it like this guy -
    Oh and i'd like to keep my costs down to purchase a new guitar I've had an eye on for awhile now so Premiere is out.

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    You want to make a video of yourself playing one instrument at a time?

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    Yeah, one intrument at a time. However, I should've did a search here before I posted as I did find the info from someone else wanting to do the exact same thing here in these forums. I downloaded the Editstudio trial and used the PIP feature and it seems to work just fine ( I'm going to make a video with 2 screens as the trial has a maximum 2 screens - if it works I'll buy the full version). I'll see when I actually start videoing in the next few days if that's all I need. Maybe I'll post my finished video here. I also just realized that I can afford Premiere "Elements" so can someone tell me if this software can also do what I'm looking for? Thanks
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    Yes, either video editor will do what you are looking for, I would use APE as I am more familiar with it compared to the other program. You could have four screen running at the same time, albeit very cramped. You just need to shoot 4 video clips of you playing different instruments, bring each video clip into your editor, place each one on a separate video track and resize each one. That will leave you with one video playing in the top left, one in the top right, one in the bottom left and one in bottom right, just a suggestion.

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    I bought the Editstudio and here's what I did. I videotaped my 13 year old nephew and also recorded audio at the same time using Cakewalk software and an audio interface on my computer (so I would have good audio). Made an MP3 file of the audio and matched up the video and audio of the nephew playing his instruments. I then saved this file as an mpeg and did 2 more of these clips (we haven't recorded vocals yet hence the one empty window). I then did the PIP with the 3 recordings I had done and this was the hardest part - trying to match up the 3 video clips to the right timing of the whole song. Anyways I think I succeeded, but being a noob, I would like some feedback on what I've done so far. Here's the link to my unfinished video. The song is "Give it All" by Rise Against (a high tempo punk band which made the mixing difficult).
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    OK, I reposted the test video on youtube and the sync is much better.

    However there's a black band across the bottom and top - did I somehow save the file as a widescreen video? and my resolution is not that great - does anyone know what the optimal settings are for youtube (i suppose I could increase the res as the video is only 3 mins.

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