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Thread: wedding trailer

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    Default wedding trailer


    I wanted to try something a bit more upbeat for my wedding trailer.

    Any comments appreciated.

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    I like it, very nice - Maybe a BIT to dramatic though, I mean, it works, but it's kind of like a Spider Man trailer? Deffinetly unconventional, and good editing - I do like it. Looks like you had some nice footage to work with, too. I wish I had similar footage from the last two wedding videos I've done. Time to get in touch with my camera man...

    Great job.

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    I absolutely loved this. I don't know if you're the editor, or camera man or what, but both those roles are deserving praise.

    Man, some absolutely phenomenal shots in there. Greatly entertaining, can't say enough about it.

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    thx for your comments. dramatic, yes I wanted it to be.

    I filmed and edited this. Thank you again for your encouragements.


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    Much, much better that your 1st edit. Obviously heaps more editing, but it's worth the effort.
    Not as much input here as on other forums, so I'll bump it up for others to see.

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    Hi Zero,

    how funny now if i did not know better i could have mistaken you for someone else

    John De Rienzo
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zero View Post
    Much, much better that your 1st edit. Obviously heaps more editing, but it's worth the effort.
    Not as much input here as on other forums, so I'll bump it up for others to see.
    What's all this about other forums

    At first I watched the video without sound and thought the editing was admirable. Interestingly, when watching with the volume turned up, the video lost impact. Perhaps the small laptop speakers play a part, but only a small one. For me the song choice detracts from the editing rather than complimenting it. Again, another influencing factor may well be personal taste (isn't it always in video editing?), but I would certainly say there are other 'upbeat' pieces that would have worked better.

    Picky? Certainly. But take credit from the fact that I preferred the edit without the music - too often people are drawn to a video by what they hear and not waht they see.

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    As much as I admire attempts at different approaches - for me it just didn't work. Just my opinion - no malice meant but I really, really don't like the fast stuff. For me it's a distraction and totally out of character with the rest of the piece (which I love). But then, I hate rap music too so maybe I'm just an old fart.

    Well done for trying something off the wall though. I will undoubtedly be in a minority on this one.

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    Thank you Mark & Andy for your replies.

    Always a difficult one with this type of music. Some will hate it naturally such is our varied tastes!

    For me, I wanted to do something more unusual with a wedding edit as I was getting bored of the sameness of so many I see!.

    So regardless of whether it works or not it was fun to do.

    I believe music is a very powerful tool and although we can turn it down to see the edit it would only be half the story. As we know music, or sound, can make or break an edit and really is just as important in my opinion if sometimes not more important than the footage itself.

    Thank you for the comments. They are all valid.


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    Well, I'm impressed. At first I was a bit unsure about the "Omen" type music but the whole thing works really well. I was also a bit unsure about the fast-slow mix but, as a showpiece, it works for me.
    The images are professional and very well edited to the music. Looking at this I would think "This bloke can use a camcorder and edits well to music". I don't know if it's the sort of thing I'd want for my wedding video but it shows that you're competant enough to do the job. I would probably ring and ask if you could do something a little bit less dramatic for my daughter's day!

    (Not that I've got a daughter but you get my meaning)

    This is a nice "attention grabber" and shows off your skills, but I would suggest that you have some less bombastic examples on your website as well.


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