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Thread: No Sound coming through

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    Cool No Sound coming through

    Hello There
    I have no CD that came with my JVC Camcorder. So I load the Magix movie editing software on my computer. The guy at the camera joint said it should work. Well
    it don't seem too. I can get the video to import to it. But it don't have the audio with it. Do you think I need the JVC cd software to make this work. Or am I doing somthing wrong when I import it in from my camera. I'm just trying to make a low
    buget how to video. any and all help and advice welcome.
    Thank you

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    Well normaly I don't help "Creeps" but I digress, (just kidding) With out more info its just a guess, To jet the basic stuff out of the way, Is your speakers on? It my seem like a stupid question but you never know. It might be a codec issue. Also check the settings in the NLE, it should give you capture options like "What U Hear" "line in" "midi" "mic" ect. Most likely you'll need the "line in" setting. I would check those things first.

    Software Used:
    TGV Edius 6, TGV ProCoder 3, DVD Lab Pro. 2

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    How are you connecting your JVC to your computer?

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    Default I'm ready to take a hammer to this thing

    I still can not for the life of me figure this out. The only wire i have to plug into my pc is the USB plug. If I only would have known the JVC cameras were junk. Well
    you live and learn the hard way.

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    Before you reach for that hammer, try using a Firewire cable instead to connect your computer to your JVC.

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    Cool Well I got the sound working "BUT"

    BUT I still can't get the MAGIX movie edit 12 to play the sound. I can play the
    video part but it has no sound with it. I just have to convert my video files to
    work with Magix movie edit 12 for some reason they don't like each other.
    can anyone tell me how to change the file format so that Magixs will like it.

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    Likely that the audio is stored as ac-3. Install an ac-3 codec (free from the web) and see if that helps.

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