I recently purchased a very clean Canon XL1 to backup my XL1S. It shows very little signs of use in comparison to my camera which has been accross more lakes and mountains than I can count.

I had used the camera for a few hours flawlessly. Then on my trip out to the Rockies, I notice that it is not continuosly laying down time coding. I have temperarily solved this by recording in darck continuously to lay the time code on the tape and then recording over it. Is there a solution for this?

Secondly after about 15 hours of use, my camera now sounds like a jig saw. When I turn the camera on, nothing until I put a tape in. The tape does not have to be recording, nor does it the focus, etc, affect it. Sounds like a fan motor of some sort. I could use help on that and also suggestions to repair shops in the Midwest if needed.