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    Default Which camera?

    Hey hey...

    Right, the time has come to sell my beloved XL1 for something a little more up2date.

    Which of these would you rather own and why?

    Sony Z1E
    JVC GY-HD101
    Canon XL2
    Canon XL H1

    Filming in HD is not something I'm really bothered about, I just need something which offers better quality. I've just borrowed a Z1E and the quality on capture is far superior to that of the XL1. I'd like an XL2 as I already have the wide angle lens, but is that the best reason for buying an XL2?

    Please let me know your choices.

    Thanks guys.

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    Its all a matter of prefrence and what the intended use is for. Personally I like the Dvx100.

    Software Used:
    TGV Edius 6, TGV ProCoder 3, DVD Lab Pro. 2

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    At the moment I'm getting a lot of jobs filming properties and filming abroad for hotels and resorts (like the Egyptian lifestyle video I did at View by Video - Digital Property Tours and Online Property Viewing by Video. Property Filming and Property Video ... The Future of Online Property Viewing with Property Video Tours.).

    I was really impressed with the Z1E and will post the footage up here once I've done it, but I really don't like cameras which have the eye piece at the back - it's too much like a handy cam that my dad had in the 1990's!

    Any thoughts?

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