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Thread: JVC Camcorder problems

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    First post - not sure if this is the right place to do this.

    My JVC camcorder has broken down - I use it quite a lot and have experimented with editing (thanks to tips form here).

    However now when I try to use the camcorder I just get a blank screen as if there were nothing on the tape, or I get a screen which has alternate lines - about 20 of them, they are alternate between video tape signal and the still picture from the MMC card - it looks really strange !!

    I have tried to clean the heads - but I assume it must be a major circut problem as it has both the video and MMC card signal on the screen at the same time.

    It isn't the most expensive camera - should I try and get it repaired ? or should I just buy a newer (and better !!!) camera ?

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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    With out knowing the modle number its hard to tell, It might be cheaper to just get a new one.

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    It is a GR DX 67 if that helps - about 3 years old.


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    It probaly isn't worth getting it fix. In the US it runs about $40-80 per hour to have a camara fixed plus parts, I'll asume its about the same in the UK.

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    TGV Edius 6, TGV ProCoder 3, DVD Lab Pro. 2

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    They also charge an up front fee, just to get a technician to look at it and basically tell you it's broken. Then as Chapman Photography says, you're charged by the hour after that.

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