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    I have been reading quite a few posts and hopefully someone maybe able to help. I was surprised at the lack of camcroder sites out there compared to normal photography!
    I am looking to get my Mum a video camera for Christmas. i dont really want to go much over 200.
    Am I right in thinking I am best to go for the 'safe' miniDV option?

    Any other recomendations?


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    Well - if she is planning to get into editing cideo the answer is an unconditional yes.

    However if you think she will be more likely to just want to film stuff and want to watch it 'as is' then she may be happier with a dvd model - she may appreciate the convenience of being able to shhot stuff and watch it in the tv dvd player.

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    I agree with Mark W, it depends on whether your mother wants to just view what she has shot (get mini DVD) or if she intends to get into editing (or maybe you might get into it) at some stage, then a mini DV camcorder would be better. Have a look at the Argos and Jessops websites as they have a few camcorders in your price range, both mini DVD and mini DV.

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