Im new to this forum and have a bit of past experience with video editing. Im trying to use windows media encoder to make a .wmv video but am struggling to find the right settings, I want to get the same settings as a particular video which you can download (14mb) from http://www.toorock.net/images/Parkou...es/motion1.wmv
all the information I can find about the settings for the video are from its properties which are:
width:352 pixels
height:288 pixels

audio bitrate: 709kbps
audio sample size: 16 bit
channels: 2 (stereo)
audio sample rate: 44 kHz

video data rate: 636kbps
video sample size: 24 bit
stream name: video 2

Ive fiddled around with the settings already and got close but not got the exact settings needed such as variable bit rate or constant etc..