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Thread: new here: HDV to my PC to a DVD

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    Default new here: HDV to my PC to a DVD

    Sorry guys, my first post here but i really dont know where to start.

    Ive just come home from overseas with 13 miniDV cassettes that are all loaded with family memories and so forth that i need to get on DVD.

    The camera i used was the Sony HDR-HC7E, and with that i recieved some software to install a extract the video from the tape.

    Now ive ran the program, watched the first tape of the trip, and its split the whole video into 23 different parts under file names called .m2t

    Now i am not sure what i need to do with these to get them on DVD.

    Can someone just tell me what software i need for each step? and also what the best way to retain quality was?

    PS. is there any other way to back all these videos up? so i can reuse the tapes? I am kinda thinking that one day when i have a blueray or HD DVD i can put them on in there full 1080i glory.

    P.P.S Thanks for the help, its really appreciated.

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    As far as I know you cannot upsample from standard DV to 1080i, the data isn't there to do it, but if anyone wants to correct me on that matter then by all means. Buy yourself a Firewire cable, check your computer to see if it has a Firewire socket and if it does, then connect the camcorder to the computer using the Firewire cable. You'll need a reasonably up to date computer with plenty of free hard disk space as video takes up a lot of space. Firewire is also referred to as iLink and IEEE 1394 or DV in/out aswell.

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    Your best bet, from my own personal experience, is the buy an edittign suite that is capable of editting native high def, which is what you have.

    I use Premiere Pro (v2). This is capble of what you need and can render out to a file capable of building a standard def DVD from as well. IN fact the same s/w will even make the DVD for you with menus as well.

    You'll need a pretty beefy PC to do it though.

    Alternatively, better results and a cleaner edit can be obtained by investing even more money in the Cineform plugin for Premiere.

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    I agree that true miniDV transfer to your PC's HDD requires firewire connection.

    A lot of software out there to control the capture and you should be able to save each one hour miniDV tape as a LARGE .avi file.

    Then open it in one of many editing programs so you can edit (if you care to) and add effects/transitions. If you don't want to edit then open your captured DV tape content and render it as mpeg2 for standard def dvd creation.

    The editing software will also create the dvd program but I prefer separate program for that piece of the process and really like Sonic's DVDitPE.

    I would probably take each captured miniDV tape's content and separate it into two sections and render back as .avi and then burn each part to a dvd data disc for good quality archiving. Then I would render each tape's content as mpeg2 for standard def dvd creation.

    Then I would make back up disc copies and copies of the back up copies to insure the safe retention of my memories.

    For simple applications like the one you describe I would use a simple to use consumer level editing program. I have had a lot of success with ULead's Video Studio.
    You could reuse the tapes but miniDV tape is inexpensive and I would probably safely put the tapes away somewhere as a triple back up.


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