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    This is a mini-documentary about my grandfather, Dale Cook. He is a retired farmer with a somewhat unique and very fun hobby, flying model airplanes. For over 10 years he has been taking to the skies with this fantastic hobby. This was filmed at his home in Eastern Indiana.

    Video is posted on Flying with Grandpa // Current TV UK

    Thanks for checking it out,
    -Terrence Cook

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    A nicely shot and edited short portrait. The camerawork was a bit loose but there was some nicely composed stuff.

    You need to get the sound sorted out though. A lot of wind noise in the exterior scenes and the sound is a bit "distant" in the interview with Grandpa. There's a lot of handling noise as well.

    the bottom line... Documentaries should "inform and entertain" and this did both. Keep going, I think you'll do some good stuff in the future!

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    I liked the videos great subjects years from now it will be like having gold. It's tough taking a video of a fast moving object without some real special equiptment keeping things in focus not a snap. I think you did a great job with it. What type and Mfg.of camera are you using? also what program was used to edit the video.

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    Thankyou for the comments Guru and photobug.

    Guru, I completely agree with your criticism and I appreciate the encouragement as well.

    Photobug, thanks for the nice words and appreciating the difficulty of shooting such objects.
    The camera was a Samsung SCD33 single CCD with 680K pixels, lowest of the low! I have since upgraded my videocamera and adopted better tripod techinques... I only have WMM, so that is what I used for this.

    What cheap editing program would you all suggest?

    Thankyou both very much for replying!

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