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Thread: Analog-to DV ( VHS tape to DVD)

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    I see people advertise converting VHS tapes to DVD. What's the procedure for this other than plugging your Video player into a DVD recorder. I assume that the professionals use a more hi tech way of doing it?

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    Once upon a time you'd need specialist equipment for such a job - these days it's simply a matter of using cheap consumer hardware most people have in their living room. For a company to offer VHS to DVD conversion these days I'd expect some kind of 'value added' such as editing, bespoke menu creation, high quality conversion (that is an attempt to fix any audio issues or video issues such a white balancing), and a good standard of packaging etc. If a company can't provide this, then there's not much point in the service in my opinion.

    For this kind of service, an entry charge of over 150 would be realistic - dependant on the level of editing required and the original set up. I imagine an existing wedding video company are ideally placed to provide such a service, with existing templates and experience of wedding day edits. Assuming that the average wedding video on VHS would be an hour or so long, there wouldn't be much required in terms of capture, but that's not to say that editing would be easy. Generally the editing is quoted as a fixed price, but this fixed price would be derived from a time-cost basis. Personally I would charge myself out at 500 per day for this kind of service, and I wouldn't imagine that this should take more than 5 hours to edit. Plus fixed costs, you'd be looking at a high end price of around 300. So that's between 150 to 300. Is there a market at this price? Perhaps a small one (I have done a few in the past at these prices), but it's really in addition to the wedding video market.

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    Thanks for that very informed and sound advice. It all make sense now.


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    You might find this interesting if you are thinking of editing footage from VHS tapes on your computer
    Video in a Snap - Chuck's Corner

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