This is it!
The first vidster scifi series ever!
High Frequency!
Completely made on a vidster, including the compositing of special effects.

This will be something called a lo-fi series since the Vidster only allows for blurry, low fidelity work.

High Frequency is about a professor who invents a way to travel through television high fidelity frequencies all over the world and beyond!

Song from:
FUTURECREW - Second Reality
A little history with these guys.
They were demo programmers back from the early 90s and late 80s and made fantastic computer visual demos with fantastic music that accompanied it.
In 1994 they unofficially dissolved, but their memory will live on.

Special effects were created by compositing minatures and computer graphics and then reshooting the animation sequences BACK onto the vidster to give it that vidster feel.

There has already been discussion on the series and it will begin shooting during December and January of 2007/2008

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Created by:
Frank M. Lima & Manuel 'Meme' Mejia