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    Talking Vagenis Films - Amazing

    If I wasn't happily engaged to a woman, I would worry about myself.

    My fiance works at a women's gym & has seen some interesting things over the years, so we decided to make a movie.

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    Technically it was awful... but I loved it!

    The actor is excellent! The actress looks great... The rest... um... er... well, the actor is excellent and the actress looks great!

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    Brilliant - that was sooo funny. On my tube favs.

    I thought the editing was sharp and kept the pace up well - and a tripod too - hallelujah for that !

    Criticisms - just technical really - looked very yellow, flourescents?. Maybe 2 mins too long, I would cut the middle just a bit, but everywhere else it felt pacey. Sound - didnt ruin it but better recording would have been good.

    I shall be pimping this one.

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    The Guru: Hey, just as long as I got a compliment about something in the movie.. that's good enough for me! That's all I needed.

    Mark W: Thanks man! I'm glad you liked it! Yeah, I noticed the yellow too.. definitely the lighting in that place. I should've put some color filters on it. It also echos like crazy in that place too haha. Thanks for pimpin it! Show anyone & everyone!!

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