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    Ladies and Gentlemen
    I'm sure that this question is Old Hat, as I've already found disconnected bits of the answer on this forum. I'm hoping, though, that you'll take pity on me and provide a fuller, hopefully idiot proof, answer.
    I fancy getting into this video editing game. Around three years ago I bought a Panasonic NV-DS15 video recorder, and it's great, but I'm now fed up of editing on a VHS VCR.
    I'm now in the process of upgrading my PC (it's well past time) and I'm hoping to incorporate the right bits to edit on the PC. The trouble is that I don't know what the right bits are!
    I assume that I want a Firewire card, but which one? Might I have compatibility problems? Panasonic recommend their own system at almost 100. Is this the best for the job?
    Assuming I sort out the video capture part of the equation, I then have to edit and export. I want to be able to make VHS tapes for various members of the family who don't have DVD. What should I be specifying on video and sound cards to be able to do this with a minimum of effort?
    If anyone can help with recommendations of hardware and software I'd be very grateful.
    Many thanks

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    The quick and simple answer is that virtually any new PC bought today will be more than adequate for video editing.

    However, after actually reading your post, I see that you are thinking of using your current PC as a base. Would you be able to post your current PC specs?
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    many decent motherboards have a firewire port...
    (no a dell does not have a decent mobo)

    Something like above is perfect....just a cheap pci card and a 6 to 4 Cable
    2.6b at 3.3
    1 gig of OCZ Platinum Limited Edition PC3200(2-2-2)
    Abit IC7
    Seagate 80gb sata
    Aspire X-Alien
    460W Enermax
    9800 Pro
    SP-94 with Tornado

    Panasonic GS200 on its way with:
    3 DV Tapes, Tripod, Bag, Telephoto Lens, Lens Cleaning Kit

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    Thanks for the replies. I'm a bit more hopeful that I can sort things out with your help.
    My current spec is, in a word, obsolete. The PC is at least three years old, and they seem to become obsolete in about a fortnight.
    It has a 700MHz AMD Athlon chip and a 20Gb hard drive. Motherboard is a 1st Mainboard AZ11 with 256Mb RAM and Graphics card is a NVidia GeForce 4 MX420.
    I'm a bit worried that spouting all this might make it seem as if I know what I'm doing, or talking about. Don't be fooled, it's just copying what I have written down when somebody else put this PC together for me.
    The resaon for upgrading isn't just for video editing. I figure that it's time I speeded things up a bit, and the addition of a digital still camera to the family is gobbling up hard disc space.
    Thanks again, and any advioce would be very welcome.
    All the best


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