i have been using premier pro 2.0 to create home video dvds. basically, all i do is import and arrange video clips taken with a sony dv handycam and some sill images using a sony digital still camera. i then add some texts and effects on the video(i have never added effects on raw audio) to make things a little more interesting then finally, i add background music in mp3 format. problem is, whenever i play my finished dvd on my homeplayer, sound i get is just mono. only the left speaker produces sound.
i have tried arranging each clip in a separate sequence(i.e., one sequence for videos from dv handycam, one sequence for video taken with digital still cam, one sequence for still images, etc) then nesting all sequences onto a new, empty master sequence with the audio pre-set to stereo but still, i get the same mono audio. can someone pls show me how to produce dvds with stereo or 5.1 output?

also, whenever i watch my finished videos-i use sharp LCD TV-i can see scan lines along the outline of my subjects, specially when they make a significant movement. is ther any way to eliminate those disconcerting scan lines?

thanks a lot