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    Default Hauppauge PVR USB2 AVS Video Capture


    I want to transfer my analogue camcorder tapes to PC for editing and subsequent output to DVD.

    I'm not just looking for a solution to the Hauppaugr problem, but rather recommendations for suggestions on what to buy to get my camcorder video onto my PC!

    I purchased a 'Hauppauge PVR USB2 AVS Video Capture' device.
    I've connected my camcorder to the device via composite video and audio cables, but when I view the image the screen flickers at random (or so it seems).

    Hauppauge support say that this is because of the way the chip in the device handles the signal from this particular camcorder.

    They suggested I try copying the video to a VCR and trying that. Did that same result, although I've noticed that a video recording on VHS tape from the TV does not have the same problem. I assume there must be something in the camcorder signal that causes the problem!

    Any suggestions as to what may be the best way to get my camcorder tapes onto my PC without the flicker?

    The camcorder is a Canon by the way.

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    What type of camcorder do you have, is it digital or analogue? If it is digital then use a Firewire connection but if it is analogue then your stuck with the AV connections and hence lower picture quality.

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    Default Analogue video caputure

    Thanks for that. The camcorder is analogue. Its not the quality of the picture that's the issue its the fact that every now and again the screen jumps. The jump is not present when I view the video via the TV or on the camcorder itself.

    I think that the video signal must have something to do with this, can you suggest any video caputure devices that work with analogue camcorders.


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    Depending on how much you want to spend, then you could have a look at either one of two products from Dazzle. They both have external breakout boxes with composite and s-video in connections, so you plug your camcorder into either of those and run your audio directly to your line input on your sound card. The breakout box is then connected to the computer via USB. I would check to make sure you are getting the full 720 by 576 dimensions if you are using the PAL tv system before buying. They are on sale in Argos and I think Currys aswell.

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    I'll look into these 2 products. Have you come across the following product I've found on Ebay. I can see the dimesions are not what you recommend but would this be worht a try?

    USB 2.0 High Quality Video Creator DVD Maker
    Easily capture the video clips from your video source devices such as VHS/VCR/DVD/DV camcorder or other analog video sources before they disappear, and then edit the captured video files, such as adding titles, music, or a lot of transitions, wholly ease your life
    A single snap shot button, share the movies or photos you made via e-mail or website with the buddy you like, enjoy the stunning E-communication or burn them into DVD/VCD/SVCD
    Powerful movie editing and DVD authorizing Ulead Video Studio 6.0 DE DVD software provides professional effect
    Compact design with amazing function

    USB 2.0 high speed
    True plug and play performance
    Support NTSC, PAL, Video inputs
    Up to 30/24 frames per second at VGA resolution (NTSC/PAL)
    Support net meeting and videoconference
    Video capture solution for both still and full motion video
    Single snap shot button takes still photos at VGA resolution
    USB bus power
    Support USB remote wake-up
    Support high resolution still image capture at 640 x 480
    Dimension: 88 (L) x 31 (W) x 21 (H) mm

    System Requirement:
    USB equipped computer
    CPU P3 1G GHz (Real time MPEG -1 capture)
    P4 1.8G GHz (Real time MPEG -2 capture)
    128MB of RAM
    Sound Card, speaker and microphone/line in function required for audio recording
    4MB Ram for VGA Card (AGP Type)
    Windows 2000/XP
    Package included
    1 x USB 2.0 video creator
    1 x USB cable
    1 x Installation software including driver, application and installation guide
    1 x User's manual

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    The first one has all the connections on it but I have never used it, I'm sure it will do the job but again, I don't see any mention of the 720 by 576 full screen PAL video capture or 720 by 480 full screen NTSC capture capture so I would be concerned about that. 640 by 480 may be the largest screen size you get, and I'm thinking that's it as it only mentions mepg 1 and mpeg 2 video file formats which are resized to fill the entire screen.

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