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    Hi everyone,

    Obviously I'm new to the forum, but I've read many of the post and it looks like these forums have the people with the knowledge I need.

    I'm no pro, just a regular family guy looking for a decent DVC for my needs. shooting vacations, school events, maybe some of the kids sports. I do want to transfer this to ... I think DVDs for the purpose of archiving... Editing? Maybe later... right now I just want to record and store....

    I don't think I need HD, I do want a decent optical zoom, I'm hoping it to be able to take better stills than my current Canon sureshot A300 (3.2 MP..which is doing nicely for things that are at a stand still...although that is the thing that bugs me about it...) can't snap pictuers of the kids playing soccer for instance ...

    So .... 1 CCD, 3 CCDs (other?), HDD, miniDVD, tape (format is called?), memory cards? I don't hink I need HD. Firewire or USB...should I care (PC User). Basically I'm looking for an easy to use value for money DVC that shoots stills better than 3.2 MP and faster at stills than the A300 I have. I'm looking at a budget of around $500 Canadian. I'm not partial to brand really .. Cash is king.

    bags, extra batteries in a bundle ... I'm talking a position out of country ... leaving soon and I really don't have the time for the 2 solid weeks of research it would take ... So I'm hoping to learn and decide fast with everyones help....

    Camless in Canada...

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    What's your budget?

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    300-500 Canadian

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