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Thread: final rendering help

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    Default final rendering help

    hi every one, i am in a dilema, dont have a clue which settings to render my final project. i have done all the edits i need but my final out put is not what i wanted.

    at the final rendering i have ticked

    windows avi
    pal dv -- custom- best

    after i do this, my picture frame becomes either wide screen (letter box) but i do click the part where it says "stretch video to fill output frame size"(do not letter box frame.)

    can some one please help me to get this right. all i want to do is render the final project file to avi and then burn to dvd and want full screen on any tv. i dont want letter box or wide screen. just a basic full screen picture.

    please help

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    What software are you using?
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    i am using vegas pro 8 now. i have right clicked on the clip and on properties unticked the keep ratio part. the video has changed to normal screen but its out of frame.. has this got anything to do with the fact i have shot my video with a wide angle lens? there are 2 safe grid lines, which line is the safe line, the inside or outside.
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