Looking for advise/recommendations/suggestions will be buying a bullet cam of some type and no nothing about them or how they work. So far the DogCam Pro 550 Zoom sounds like it may fit my needs - anyone have experience with it?

Want to be able to get high quality footage been filming lots of dogs in fast action and need something that is hands free that I can strap to my head or a hat basically need to be filming what I am looking at. Any recommendations?

New to the field, doing a study on dog behavior, as of now have 35 hours of footage and gathering more, made about 100 movies short video clips. Goal is for DVD, essentially a documentary on dog behavior, have a top end computer/video-editing program.

Also looking to get a new camcorder. Welcome any recommendations on which one would suit my purpose best. Camcorders I have now are SD/use mini dv I am not familiar with HD at all or other formats.

Have to make these purchases before end of year.

Much appreciate any advice anyone has to offer. Thanks in advance to all. Need more info from me just ask. Look forward to hearing what you have to say. Thanks again and have a great day!