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Thread: Selling Sennheiser G2 EW112 Wireless Set (E.U)

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    Default Selling Sennheiser G2 EW112 Wireless Set (E.U)

    Selling my Sennheisier G2 EW112 wireless set. It is in good working condition. All the part are here except the windcap from the ME2 Microphone , which I lost,which can be bought for under 10 euros. It can be bought new for over 600 euros. I'm selling it for 400 euros + shipping .
    Set consit of:

    -1 EK100G2 receiver
    -1 SK100G2 body-pack transmitter
    -1 ME2 omni-directional lavalier microphone
    -1 CL 1 jack cable
    -1 CL 100 XLR cable
    -1 camera adaptor

    Contact me at :

    Paypal add 3% more or we can do bank transfer within E.U

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    Sale Pending...

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