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    I am a newbie could anyone tell me how to transfer old video tape to disc and what kind of software i need

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    This subject has been covered numerous times on this forum, by myself and others, you'll need to do a search for it.

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    Welcome to the forum, It all depends on, to what degree you want to do it. If you just want to transfer tape to dvd with minimum editing, taking out commericials ect. just get a dvd set top recorder and dub it over. If you want to get more into editing, then you would need a breakout box, dazzle ect. and one of many NLE software ranging from $50-1000's depending on how many features you want. Check the Sony And Adobe websites for free trials to see what you like. If you do a search on these forums you'll also see a lot of threads on this issue. Best of luck

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    Since you ask about software sounds like you want to capture, maybe edit and then render content as a file suitable for dvd creation.

    Start with your computer's dvd drive/burner. Most all come with free bundled software including programs that will control video capture to your hard drive and then let you open those files for editing.

    I started with ULead Video Studio version 6 that came with my first dvd burner. What a GREAT and easy to use program. Even though I now have Adobe Premiere and Sony Vegas (among others) I still prefer my old "friend" from ULead for simple home movie editing - the user interface is easy to learn yet the program has plenty of effects and features.

    You will need hardware to connect your video source (camcorder or table top tape player) to your PC. There are many under $50 adapters on the market that will do this function or you can buy an internal computer video card with capture interface and firmware capabilities. I still use an older model of the ATI all-in-wonder card cause it only cost $150 at the time and it just still works so darn good at video capture.

    So, there you go. Buy an adapter or computer video capture card. You can buy the latest version of ULead Video Studio for under $100 or look for a dvd burner that includes a free version of the software brand that you think you will prefer.

    Then first capture your video to your hard drive - old analog has good quality as mpeg2 but digital like miniDV captures better as larger file like avi. Be prepared with a lot of hard drive space.

    Once you capture some of your video then just open the first file in the software user "work space" and start learning how to trim scenes and, if you care to, add effects.

    I ALWAYS store our precious home movie memories two ways to DVD discs. I burn raw captured video as dvd data discs. Then I edit and render for DVD program creation with scene menus and etc. The I make back up copies of my back up discs to MAKE SURE family memory archives are safe. Every couple of years I make new back up copies. So far we have 56 dvd program volumes of the many, many hours of vhs, beta dnd 8mm home movies we shot starting back in the early 80s and now we continue in miniDV.

    Hey, it's fun, it's easy to get into and before long you will be your family's Steven Speilberg. Please email if I can help in any way.

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