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    I just finished my biggest film but when i finally rendered it I was kinda dissapointed. I put the individual clips together in Showbiz, then placed those scenes together in Adobe Premiere. Inbetween the scenes there was a real fast white flash. Can anybody tell me how to fix it? That would be a huge help!
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    I'm not sure I quite understand. Why did you edit in Showbiz, then export these, then put these exported scenes into Premiere? Sounds to me like extra work - why not just do it all in showbiz? Are you leaving gaps in the timeline in Premiere?

    How are you exporting from showbiz?
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    The reason I didn't do it all in Showbiz was because I wanted to be able to do some special effects in Premiere. So I took the scenes rough cut from Showbiz as .avi and just strung them together in Premiere. Then added the special effects. But inbetween those scenes there's a white flash that comes up. I put them as close together as it would let me.
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