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    Hi Boys/girls,
    My first post so be kind.
    We are setting up a new business, so I will not tell you the name or advertise.
    But we have no or very little experiance with camcorders or editing.
    Our business is not yet started, as we are having software programmed for us at great expence as you can imagine.
    Golf Lessons with a PGA Pro.
    Well, our aim is to get people to video their golf swings via there moblie phones and email them to us, where we will provide them with a golf lesson back to both there PC (Full Version) and to their phone (Mini Version).
    At the moment we have no equipment bought, so I thought I would ask the experts.
    We will video the lesson indoors, with we thought a blue background, so we could put a golf course in the background, is this correct!.
    I have asked a mate about camcorders, and recomended a secondhand Canon DM-X2, with I have seen some go as little as 600 pounds in the USA, or about 750 pounds here in the UK.
    I think an external Mic would be needed also.
    We also need a Laptop to record the lessons on to, (godd video editing required) this will then be transfered onto a server and sent to the customer.

    So we need a good camcorder, what make/model
    Laptop, (what speed, G/card, etc, etc. make/model
    What software would be best.
    What sort of lighting would we need.
    We need the best overall video quality possible back to the customer.
    Sorry for the long first post,
    Thanks, Baz.

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    Here's another question for you, what is your budget?

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    about 3500 pounds give or take.

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