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Thread: Awesome Paper Magic Trick Revealed!

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    Default Awesome Paper Magic Trick Revealed!

    hey everyone!
    I'm back with another hot exclusive magic trick

    check it out and tell me what you think!
    Cool Paper Magic Trick Revealed! Video

    Would like to see comments!
    If you liked please rate 5 thanks!

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    Okay, as a trick, its quite neat but this isn't a magic site but a videomaking forums so...

    As a video it was below average.

    The sound was muddy. A combination of a cheap microphone and bad technique. It was hard to understand some of the commentary.
    The pictures were boring and under-lit. As a result they were also muddy and lacking in bling. One shot, for such a long time is tiresome to watch.
    The editing was non-existant as the whole thing consisted of one static shot.

    So: Content 7/10 but videomaking 4/10

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    I'll second that.

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