I'm caught in a dilemna.

I originally bought Pinnacle Studio Ultimate 11, but found that it wouldn't do some things that I needed it to do. Mainly, that was render a crisp, clear video. But now I truly miss it. Pinnacle offers (among other things) music generation that's the length of your video, some very nice transition effects, and great titling ability. I'm wondering if I should buy Pinnacle as a second editor to get these abilities or get addons/plug ins. However, I can't find such goodies.

I'm now thinking that the rendering problem I had might be due to the kind of videos I was making. In these, the camera is constantly moving, and rendeering this type of video is hard on Vegas 8 too. In 'normal' videos, the camera is mostly stationary save for pans and dollies.

So, I need to know a couple of things. Are there some great addons/plugins for titling and music generation in Vegas? Are you having any trouble rendering with Pinnacle Studio 11?

There's one other thing too that I'm stuck on. Vegas has NO SUPPORT for the H.264 codec. I've written them and they say no can do. So, I'm thinking I can continue with Vegas for my main editing, then re-render in H264 using Quicktime Advanced. However, reviews written by Windows users complain consistently about Quicktime's abilities in the Windows environment (it seems to work great on a Mac, though). Can anybody recommend Quicktime advanced, or suggest a different workaround?

Sheesh! I shoulda bought Apple's Media Studio suite, but then I'd have to rob a bank to get it!

Please help if you have any recommendations.