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Thread: Problems Creating a DVD for first time

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    Default Problems Creating a DVD for first time

    Just purchased my first DVD burner (Lite On), now I have completed a full length film approx 2 hrs 10min in Premiere Pro 1. Attempted to create my first DVD in Premiere Pro and recieved an error that simply said Media Unavailable (one disk ruined). I realised that I had chosen an option that would be 7gb onto a 4gb disk so I chose the worst quality option. This time it got half way and stated an error had occured (no real explaination of error) - (second DVD disk wasted). I tried again by using the encoder and created an Mpeg file. The file was created, then I imported into Encore DVD 1 and it seemed to create the DVD, but the end result was a disk that wouldn't play on the PC or on my stand alone DVD player (another disk gone). I then imported the file into SonicDVD and again the write failed (4 disks gone). I am getting really frustrated and it is probably something really simple. Does anyone know the very simple steps to creating without problem - a dvd of a very long movie in either Premiere or Encore or do I have to try my old version of Pinnacle Studio 8?

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    Until you have this problem sorted you should do one fo the following.

    Either burn only to rewritable media or produced yoru DVD to your hard drive. Encore does this just fine. You can then use a s/w DVD player to test your disk before using somethign like Neor to perform the asctual burn.

    I ALWAYS use this method and have yet to produce a 'coffee mat'.

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