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Thread: Don't know where to start - Need basic advice re editing a DVD (from ultrasound scan)

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    Default Don't know where to start - Need basic advice re editing a DVD (from ultrasound scan)

    Apologies for my absolute lack of knowledge on the subject, but i've tried blundering around on my own on this, and not got very far just yet!!

    I had a private pregnancy ultrasound scan a few weeks ago, and part of the package includes a CD copy of the scan. The CD contains approx 30mins of footage, but unfortunately only 15mins of it are discernible images of baby, and I would like to edit out the rest.

    If I put the DVD in my laptop it automatically brings up Windows Media Player with a menu screen and two 16-minute tracks/chapters.
    The DVD contains two folders - VIDEO_RM and VIDEO_TS
    VIDEO_RM contains three 32KB files (.DAT, .BUP and .IFO)
    VIDEO_TS contains ten files - (2x small .BUP files, 2x small .IFO files, 6x .VOB files)

    The 4 largest .VOB files are 185MB each, and have thumbnail photos from the scan associated. If I double click on any of the files I get "Windows cannot open this file".
    I thought I might be able to use Windows Movie Maker, but if I try to "import media items" it doesn't recognise any of the files in the VIDEO TS folder as picture and video files, and I can only locate them if I change to "All files".

    I was suggested DVD Shrink, and I tried opening the files with no success, but it did apparently let me "Re-author" the 2 tracks into 1 file, however I now have a folder with 3x .bup files, 3x.ifo files and 2x .vob files, and still not sure what to do with them!!!

    I would be really greatful if someone could explain to me what I need to do to edit down the footage - I wouldn't have a problem with buying software if I need to (although obv free software would be nice!), but was anxious to spend ££s and then find I was still stuck!!

    Thanks for your patience,

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    Hi Becki,

    WMM will not edit video directly from a dvd. Copy the .vob files to your hard drive befor you try to edit them. I am pretty sure you will need to convert them as well.

    A good free convertor is 'super c' - you need to use this to convery the .vob files to a video foramt that wmm can recognise.

    I suggest you convert to a DV file or a high bit rate wmv - wmm can edit these.

    I havent 'over explained' anything - if you need more assistance, ask away.

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