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Thread: Selling Panasonic AG-MC100G microphone (E.U)

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    Default Selling Panasonic AG-MC100G microphone (E.U)

    Another winter clearance . Selling my Panasonic AG-MC100G microphone . I used it only a few time. It is in very good condition. Bought it from Japan. It still come with the original box. I don't use it anymore , because of the Oktava and Sennheiser Mic that I have.

    It use to be on my DVX100B, and It will fit any camera with a XLR plug, I've tried it on my XHA1 too.

    Asking for 140 euros. Shipping included within Germany. E.U buyers pay 10 euros more for Shipping .For those for doesn't have a mic holder on their DVX or HVX for 7 euros more I can give you a new " hot shoe Shotgun Clip (Windtech). That you can mount on the hot shoe of the camera.

    contact me at

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    I can throw in a wind tech Wind muff for a total of 150 euros for the whole set with the wind tech holder.

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    Hi iam very interested in getting the whole package. IS that 150 euros as eveything you have listed? My husband has a dvx 1oob and so he has a hotshoe base on the camera.

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    Was sold in october - as the post directly above your explains quite succinctly

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