Hey, this is my first video ive actually really posted on the internet. This is a rather simple little halo montage. I was wondering if you all would wanna watch it and then give me some feedback on wahtever you feel needs feedback also, i think im going to start work on a shorter spiffed up one, but i need some help because im rather new to video editing. i have sony vegas 8 but im not exactly sure how to work with all the tools and whatnot and was wondering if someone could help me. So, the shorter video will be posted soon, heres the rather simplistic one on youtube.com

YouTube - Halo 3 Montage by Enigma and HamSamWich

thanks. contact me via email at mwyborski5@fuse.net, AIM at profanity555 or MSN at enigmaiskewl@hotmail.com. Or even just post back on these boards lol