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Thread: Premier minor problem - losing information

  1. Default Premier minor problem - losing information

    OK, i making my movie, i import my footage as HD and in my project settings i made a DV -pal editing mode...

    So the thing is that i made like 30sec of movie and i saved it.....turn off comp. and other day i load my project and what i see?

    some of my clips are like this ....look at the preview window (i think name is project window )

    it is not a blue screen of dead lol but it is some kind of premier stupid screen..and then if i try to scale my clip the "stupid screen" disappear, it returns on a regular view , i dont know what is the problem?

    but is hard to work that way because i need to scale every time, like 30-30 clips....damn


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    I found some kind of solution ...

    i select all my clips (i have over 100 clips in my video line) , and then i go on - clip,video options, and scale to frame size... and then i got all my clips scaled to frame size..

    i need to to that every time i load that project
    and why that problem started?
    i think because i imported my footage in HDV, but my project settings are dv 720X576 pal

    its crazy to pick all clips one by one and scale it just to see what u are working on, it is a disaster
    so this is nice solution for this problem.


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