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Thread: Hidden camera at class = LOL

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    Default Hidden camera at class = LOL

    Check this out everyone:
    A must see

    D Takes A Hit To The Back Of The Head! Video

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    Hilarious it isn't. It's a shame the teachers cant still give a good thrashing to those idiots with a length of cane

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    wow you really cant say anything good can ya?

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    Gosh, my, that's funny.

    No really. Absolutely hysterical. Don't you think?

    I mean, he hit the guy in front of him and then, the guy in front turned around and hit him back.

    Buster Keaton were he still with us would have been worried. Charlie Chaplin petrified. Please don't let John Cleese see this, he might leave his clothes on the beach and take a long walk out to sea.

    Oh and can I just say how well filmed it is. It just exudes quality, the exposure, the colour grading, the lighting.

    If this doesn't get the Palm d'or at Cannes next year, I will be surprised.

    Really. Very well done. I urge everyone who can. Watch this video.

    Or perhaps, spend the time cutting your toenails.

    Or injecting yourself with dysentery perhaps.

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    MarkOne - I am shocked and appalled at your comments. Come on: Cannes? Really?

    I mean, this thing has Sundance written all over it!!!!

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    Thumbs down

    This video might get high marks on YouTube but IMHO it stinks worthless really dumb. I see no redeaming quality in it it's not even worth my time posting.

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    the editing there was fantastic! and the pan as that first guy lent over his table..... spot on!

    in all fairness why have you posted something like this on a video editing forum and expected praise?

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    I agree with komatoast... blimey!

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