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Thread: I need some of expertise to help me please...

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    Red face I need some of expertise to help me please...


    i am an owner of old digital video camera which is DCR-TRV480E.
    Simply say Digital 8.
    Bought it around 4 years ago and still using it for fun.
    always edit my video to VCD and DVD format.
    old fashion huh..
    Now i have around 500-600 US dollar to spend on new HD-handycam.

    i have an interest on SONY HDR-SR5E
    it use a hard disk to record on to but i heard a lot about the cons on using
    hardisk to record.
    i wanna ask, is it better to buy the HDR-HC5E which use a tape to record on?

    if i buy a HD handycam, i still want to make the video in vcd and dvd format.
    therefore, i want to ask wether the quality of the vcd format increase or not?
    i know the format is same and old, but the colour capture and so on will increase or not?

    Also, can i use pinnacle 11 to edit the video from the hard disk or not?
    is it editable or do i still need to convert it into some specific format.

    i'm also interested into Canon HV20?
    i have read a review that the canon hv20 is better than sony hdr-sr5e.
    is it true?

    Thanks in advance for your advice.
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    As far as the tape (mini dv) vs Hard drive / Mini DVD debate, Yes go with tape. The reason is the HDD systems record to a compressed format, so your starting of with a with a negitive right off the bat. Same with the dvd camcorders. These 2 systems are designed for the non-editing group of people who record and put straight to dvd. I'll save the Pinacle Studio rant for another day, As far as using it with those camaras I don't see why they wouldn't work. I don't like HDD or Mindisc camaras at all so I can't comment on either one as I have not looked into or used either.

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    Why do you want to continue making VCD's? They were fine a few years ago when editing started and we had no recordable DVD's or they were too expensive if you could get your hands on them, also the quality on a VCD is probably less than VHS. I don't use Pinnacle myself, I prefer other video editors, you should go onto their respective websites and download a 30 day trial version of each one and see which one you like before buying the full product.

    When someone uses the words editing and HD camcorders in a sentence, I steer them away in the opposite direction towards Mini DV camcorders, they are much easier to use in the long term especially when it comes to getting video off the tape and onto the computer hard disk. Believe me you will thank us in the next few months, I don't use a hi def camcorder either and then there is the whole debate about whether you are really getting hi def or something masquerading as hi def, stick with Mini DV and you won't be disappointed as far as picture quality is concerned. I would look at a 3CCD camcorder as any physical device inside a camcorder that improves picture quality is no bad thing, even if it is only by a small amount, something is better than nothing.

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    Default Thanks....

    Thanks for the advice...
    lets forget about VCD. Turn back to DVD.
    How about that? Do the DVD from Digital 8 camcoder and the DVD from HD camcoder look very different?

    I heard that AVCHD format is better than HDV.
    I have read an article about that. And the Tape Type is using a HDV format.
    Is it true?
    My concern on buying HD camcoder is to make a DVD video.
    This is due to majority of the resident in my place is still using DVD.
    99% is still using DVD and do not know about HD.
    Poor right.

    If the HD camcoder is better than Digital 8 camcoder (in dvd mode), i already satisfy.
    Thanks all in advance. i still need some comment.

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    I've never used a Digital 8 camcorder so I can't comment on them and they appear to have disappeared off the face of the earth. No one seems to be selling them anymore. My own opinion on whether a DVD made from material off one make of camcorder is better or worse than material from another make of camcorder is... a DVD will look like a DVD regardless of what it was shot on. Maybe Hi Def is better , I don't know, perhaps the Hi Def users on the forum can confirm or deny this. You also say you wish to edit your videos, and I am saying if you want peace and calmness to reign in your life, then don't buy a Mini DVD or HD (hard disk) camcorder, get a Mini DV one instead.

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    Digital 8 and mini dv are almost the same as far as quilty, D8 was made by Sony but never cought on like mini dv did, Sony would not let any others use the system. So if you wanted D8 you had to get a sony.

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    TGV Edius 6, TGV ProCoder 3, DVD Lab Pro. 2

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