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Thread: Is this the best setup?

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    Default Is this the best setup?

    Hi Guys,

    I'm a newbie so ... hello.

    I was wondering if anyone could advise me unto how to optimise on my setup and if there's anything that simply shouldn't be in there.

    I am using an XL1 from which I capture into Adobe Premier CS3 via firewire.

    My latest film (shot in Egypt) can be seen at View by Video - Digital Property Tours and Online Property Viewing by Video. Property Filming and Property Video ... The Future of Online Property Viewing with Property Video Tours.

    Can anyone see anything wrong with this film (I apologise if the editing isn't up to scratch compared to some professionals). I personally feel that there seems to be quality issues during panning shots.

    I have attempted to put this film onto to DVD but the panning quality is far too 'jerky'.

    If anyone can help to address this situation in order to give me a better setup so that films can be produced in any format and retain quality, I would really appreciate it.

    I would consider paying someone in this trade to spend a day with me getting things right.

    Thanks again guys!

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    Video generally looks good Gaz. Perhaps investing in the best fluid head you can afford and slowing down the pans will sort the jerkiness. Don't know whether the XL1 has it, but if it does you could also try turning the edge detail down. Also perhaps, but just my own personal taste, an increase in contrast in the editing stage would give the image more zap
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    Beings I'm just killing time before a respectable hour to quench my thirst I just did this little pan on a fairly long zoom setting. Edge detail was turned right down and increased the contrast in edit

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    As shiner says, a tripod with a fluid head will sort out your pans. They need to be more controlled and slower. On television they start with a 3 second static shot, then the pan begins and you end with another 3 second static shot. The same applies to tilt shots. This gives you three shots actually, so if you need to cut out the pan in the middle, you will still have the two static shots at either end. And always practice your pan shots before hand so you know where to end up rather than missing your end point and having to move the tripod again.

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    Thanks guys.

    I am using a fluid head tripod.

    The problem (which I've now found) was that the movie setting was set to Frame and not Normal.

    I've just tested out my new wide angle lens (wide).

    Your thoughts?

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    Yes -avoid the frame thing on the xl - I think it is rubbish and when you are shooting in any 'progressive' or pseudo progressive format the pans have to be real slow to avoid flicker.

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    Well I've just captured some footage without the frame mode on to test my new wide angle lens (canon) and it seems better but...

    ...when burning to DVD, the panning quality on the TV is less that sufficient. Horizontal pans are bad yet vertical pans seem ok. Weird!

    I'm not a big fan of Adobe Encore so avoided using it. I rendered the media as AVI and then converted it into a VIDEO_TS folder using VSO DivX to DVD.

    My question now is - What is the best method of producing DVD's from Premiere CS3?

    I've also realised recently that the XL1 doesn't actually offer true (anamorphic) 16:9 and am therefore looking to rent an XL2 to see the difference, obviously looking to purchase the XL2 is the quality is much better. Do you think this may also contribute to the panning quality issue when converted to DVD?

    The footage of the wide angle lens can be seen at wide

    Thanks again guys...

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