Hi Guys,

I'm a newbie so ... hello.

I was wondering if anyone could advise me unto how to optimise on my setup and if there's anything that simply shouldn't be in there.

I am using an XL1 from which I capture into Adobe Premier CS3 via firewire.

My latest film (shot in Egypt) can be seen at View by Video - Digital Property Tours and Online Property Viewing by Video. Property Filming and Property Video ... The Future of Online Property Viewing with Property Video Tours.

Can anyone see anything wrong with this film (I apologise if the editing isn't up to scratch compared to some professionals). I personally feel that there seems to be quality issues during panning shots.

I have attempted to put this film onto to DVD but the panning quality is far too 'jerky'.

If anyone can help to address this situation in order to give me a better setup so that films can be produced in any format and retain quality, I would really appreciate it.

I would consider paying someone in this trade to spend a day with me getting things right.

Thanks again guys!