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Thread: Newbie - DVD ripping / converting sofware

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    Default Newbie - DVD ripping / converting sofware

    Hello, I'm new on here and have been recommended to ask on here if anyone can help with my question.

    I have copied some old family videos onto a DVD using the normal scart to DVD recorder method.

    I've put the disc in my laptop and they play perfectly well.


    I want to convert / shrink them to computer files - MP4, mpeg, AVI whatever so I can post them on youtube and e-mail them to people etc.

    I've been searching all day for FREE software to do this.

    Everything that claims to be free only allows you to download a demo version that won't allow you to complete the job.

    Other programs come with a nast dose of adware /spyware etc.

    Does anyone know of any TRUELY FREE DVD ripping software that will allow me to rip and convert my movies?

    I know wanting something for free is a bit cheeky, but in this modern day and age, I thought there must be something out there to allow me to do such a thing?

    Thanks in advance!

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    You might as well give Handbrake a shot.
    It is a powerful DVD ripping program. and it is totally free.
    and since it is free, it may fail to offer some functions you need. In this case, you can turn to wondershare dvd ripper at Wondershare DVD Ripper for Mac - Mac DVD Ripper software, DVD Converter for Mac . Though it is not free, it is well worth the money.
    Note: both of them are for mac os.
    Also, for windows, i highly recommend that you try DVD Shrink, which can be googled fairly easily.

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    DVDShrink is a great application for decrypting commercial movies and then compressing them so their dual layer sized content will fit or "shrink" to a single layer dvd disc.

    You should transfer the files from disc to a folder on your pc's harddrive.

    How long time-wise are these home movie files?

    Our personal experience is that uploading to sharing servers/sites like YouTube we get good results with around 5 minute scenes sized as vcd or svcd format.

    A viewer will get a good full screen image yet the video will be under the 100meg size limit YouTube imposes on content.

    This would mean you would need to do simple editing but if you have a dvd burner it probably came bundled with basic editing software and most all editing software includes rendering options for internet streaming options


    If you don't need to edit anything then download a copy of a free coding program like mediacoder and let it convert your video files to a file type more friendly with uploading and streaming online.

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