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    I have a .mp3 music file and one image. How can I make a video that plays the song and displays that one image throughout the whole song? I want to upload it to YouTube so it has to be in the proper format as well (MPEG, avi, wmv). Thanks.

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    What video editing software do you have? If you just have Windows Movie Maker, then you need to import the image and the music file into WMM, place the music file on an audio track and then put the image on a video track. The image will only play for a few seconds (I can't remember how long it is in WMM) but you need to extend it's length to the end of the music track. Try dragging the right side of the image all the way over to the right or see if there is a duration setting in one of the menus where you can type in a time length. Also try right mouse clicking on the image that usually brings up a menu aswell.

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    Most all applications will allow up to define time a visual will appear in your program either by entry of specific minutes/seconds duration or as already posted by dropping the picture into the timeline and then dragging it to the end point of the music track.

    For all of this simple stuff I use a version of ULead Video Studio that was "free" with a PC dvd burner I purchased. It allows still images to be expanded along the timeline by simple click and drag.

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