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    Default Name of this technique...

    Hi there !

    New to the forums and just about to start on doing some Machinima with a few friends, we were really inspired by this piece of work

    Kenion - Black Rose By Kenion

    you can see on the stream how amazing it is !

    Could anyone else tell me how on earth he has managed to get the effects to look like this, its totally amazing , kinda like anime- i cant understand how to do such a style !

    thanks Caj

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    If you have a small clip, that would be neat. But, of a GIG?


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    hehe sorry , i meant for people to click on the streamed version here... - World of Warcraft Movies

    the bit im trying to recreate is the almost cartoon like effect he gives to the characters , and kinda seems to superimpose them also



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    Streaming is taking too long. G

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    My immediate reaction was - oh dear, another kid is making a "film" from their computer game. I have never seen the point and guess I never will - but hey, each to his own and if people enjoy it, that's great.

    I guess I had a bit more time on my hands than Grazie as I did wait for the first minute or so to stream.

    I wasn't holding much hope, but I really liked the style of the images (the contents did nothing for me). I guess it's this style you're trying to achieve? It has a feeling of being transluscent and backlit, like watching animated stained glass windows. I've not seen this before, though I guess it's not new.

    Sorry, I haven't a clue how it's done. And I'm not really sure I understand your reference to "cartoon-like" - I mean, there ARE cartoons, aren't they?

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