Hello Forum

Just downloaded my copy of Encore 1.5 onto a new PC I just bought. When burning DVD's, Encore gets stuck when it is burning the disc. Right at the end, as its finished its "time remaining" countdown, it says "Flushing internal Buffers" above the time bar, and the "time remaining" actually increases, from 1 second, to 2 seconds, to 3 seconds etc... at the moment it has reached 8 seconds after about 10 minutes.

The DVD drawer wont open. And wont cancel the project either when i click cancel (well takes so long I give up and turn PC off)

Have used this software without issue on another PC.

Any ideas?

Windows XP Media Centre Edition, on Hewlet Packard PC
3.2 Ghz, duel core
2gig memory.
2 200gb internal harddrives.

Many thanks for your help.