Hi there,

I wondered if anyone could offewr some advice. I am about to order a new PC for editing using Vegas 8. I am just a a little confused with the motherboard options that I got. This is the board that I was looking at originally:


I have found out that this is probably not the G stepping version but they have suggested a couple of different boards. I just wondered what anyone's opinion is for the these boards as these are the one's that I have been suggested to look at:

1) ASUS® P5N-E SLI: Quad-core CPU Ready, NVIDIA® Dual X8 SLI (from my understanding there is 1x 8 speed PSI port and 1x 16 speed PSI)
2) ASUS® P5N32-E SLI+: Quad-core CPU Ready, NVIDIA® Dual X16 SLI (again from my understanding this has 2x 16 speed PSI ports)

I see that both of these boards are SLI ready. Does this mean that their will be a redundancy somewhere and do you think that their will be any drawbacks performance wise for this?

Thanks for your help.


(p.s just of interest could you just say if you use xp or vista as I am deperatley trying to chose between them and have reasons for both so would be interesting to see what you use. Thanks!)