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Thread: MPEG encoding crashes all my editing software!!!

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    Default MPEG encoding crashes all my editing software!!!

    I have Premiere Pro 1.5, Ulead MediaStudio 7 and Ulead Videostudio 8. If I complete editing an AVI movie in Premiere and go to export via the encoder, to produce an MPEG2 movie for DVD, it gets about 90% through the encoding process then freezes my poota.

    If I try to capture in MPEG2 format in either of the Ulead apps, it goes so far into the tape, stops to transcode, gets about 90% through flushing the transcode buffer, then freezes my poota!

    My system is and AMD XP2000, 768MB RAM and pleanty of HDD space. It does seem theres a problem with the MPEG2 encoders in all my software and it's getting rather annoying and extremely time wasting.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    If you're using Premiere 1.5 I assume you're using XP. If that's the case, you'll probably using NTFS, so we'll rule the file size issue out.

    I notice you have Premiere 1.5 AND Media Studio seven, I'm assuming you're using "trial" versions. (For trial read warez). If this is the case, then you may have pre-release beta builds with bugs. This may be the route of the problem.

    If I'm making a wild assumption, try using TMPGenc to convert something to MPEG2.

    My advice is to a) uninstall eveything on your HDD except the bare essentials (you can install back later). Then try again. If this doesn't work, format and re-install the OS, then install the 30-day trial of TMPGenc and try MPEG2 encoding.

    Remember to back up .
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    Thanks for the reply Marc. I don't wan't to remove everything if possible as I still have 2 projects on the go.

    The software versions are all full, not 'Trials'. I had no problem with them to start with, it just 'developed' in the last few days and no software or anything has been installed then or since. It just seems that the encoders have been corrupted but it's strange that it is in both Adobe and Ulead as they use their own individual encoders.

    I'll try uninstalling & re-installing Adobe tonight to see if that fixes it.

    The reason I have Premiere and MediaStudio is that Adobe doesn't seem to allow capture in any other format than AVI. I use MediaStudio to capture and edit in MPEG to reduce file-size/disc-space when I just need to create DVD's rather than printing back to DV tape. - Is there a plug-in or something for Adobe that would allow this?

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    This article may be of interest:

    In summary:

    MainConcept, a leader in video codecs and editing technology, today released its MPEG Pro editing plug-in for Adobe Premiere Pro at the NAB04 show. The plug-in adds powerful MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 capturing, editing and exporting capabilities to the popular video editing application.

    Although Premiere Pro can import MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 files, for effective editing the material must be transcoded to the project’s format, such as DV. But if the project needs to be output to an MPEG format such as DVD, it has to be transcoded back to MPEG. Unnecessary transcoding can result in quality loss and lost productivity.
    It costs $249 and a trial is available from the MainConcept site at: Adobe MPEG Plugin Trial
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    Just a guess, but there were known issues between MediaStudio and Version 6.5 of premiere. I am not aware of any issue between Mediastudio and Premiere Pro. having said that it may be worth downloading the pacth (for Media Studio) to see if that resolves the problem. Incidentally I understand that Mediastudio uses Main Concept decoder in all its products.

    The link (MPEG Vio Update) is at the bottom of the page,

    As I say it is a long shot, but you never know!
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    Still having major problems :(

    Formatted my C drive, reinstalled XP Pro, Premiere Pro 1.5 and Encore. Tried creating a DVD in Encore and it froze up after transcoding about 10% of the avi file. The avi is about 33 mins in length and I have 9 gig spare on my Video drive and 17 gig spare on C drive.

    My system is an AMD Athlon XP2000 with 768MB ram. It did work fine but now will not encode any files to MPEG2.

    Please help anyone. I'm getting desparate now.

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    PS. I downloaded the MainConcept encoder trials and they did the same too.

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    before you do it, press control alt delete, and on the tabs on top, go to processes. End everything that isnt "System" or that youre working on. you cant end explorer either. but that will quicken your pooter up
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