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Thread: pan & zoom - results are choppy

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    Default pan & zoom - results are choppy

    I made a wall type image, 64 pics with a resolution of about 2400x1600, I am fairly new to Vegas but with some tinkering I figured out how to create the effect I was after, which is to have it pan and zoom on the still image. My problem is, no matter what I do the animation in the rendered file is choppy. I have tried adding more space between the key frames, but that just slows down the panning and zooming. Also I've tried selecting fast/slow/smooth for the key frame option. Smooth looked a bit better, but at each key frame there is a noticeable pause during the transition. I'm not trying to pan from the bottom of the image to the top in 2 seconds (would never be smooth) I just want to get the image to pan around and zoom without it looking choppy. I have exported in different formats with different compression settings and the same difference.

    2nd part of the question, right now I'm working with the single image, on a single time line, is this not the best method to use? If breaking it up will make it go smoother I'm all for it.

    sorry if I'm not making sense, here is a sample video (not mine) that has the basic effect I'm after, and it moves so much smoother than mine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by quebert View Post
    . . sorry if I'm not making sense, . .
    You are making COMPLETE sense. . . and by the sound of it you have done a LOT of work too! This isn't that hard - well it shouldn't be.

    OK, some requests & questions:

    Q1 - Please supply your version of your picture wall. Let's see what YOU have achieved - yeah?

    Q2 - Please supply a screen grab of your Pan/Crop Timeline?

    Q3 - Are you actually using Alan's Picture Wall creation tool? If not then you should - it works like a dream!

    Q4 - How have you assembled and your final Picture Wall? What are the resolutions of each and every picture?

    Q5 - Was your method to assemble the Wall ( did you use many tracks?) > Take a Timeline Still > Pan and zoom on that?

    Bottom line is that Alan's wall is a lowered resolution of the pictures. I think you are either getting reso stagger OR some interlace issue OR a combo of both. I really don't think it is Pan/Crop messing with you?

    Let's see those samples - yeah?



    I'll let you into a secret: Many. many moons ago I had an option to ask Alan to come up with an auto Grazie-Proof "Picture Wall" creation tool. Alan IS a very smart guy! - the rest, as they say, is history.

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    thanks for the reply.

    q1. I accidentally deleted the source file while working on something else, but I should be able to reproduce it with the same issues no problem will try to do that tonight, if not tomorrow.

    q2. will also do that

    q3. yes I did, of course I had almost done it by hand using the video feature in Vegas, spent like 2 hours making 32 placeholders on the screen. His utility is a god send.

    q4. Pretty much, the pictures vary in resolution, most are web cam so 320x240, some are higher, like 1600x1200, the majority I'd say 50 of the 64 are 320x240. The actual BMP is around 19 megabytes. Maybe I should make a 32 picture wall and see if that works any better.

    As for how many tracks I have, right now it's 2, one for the actual picture wall, and a 2nd which I put a few of the actual pictures from my picture wall in so I can have it enlarge them with a simple zoom and look like they're coming out of the wall.

    If you're right about the resolution being a problem then I suppose I'm done for. I will post my example to see if maybe it is something I do. I know if I have it pan slower it looks fairly normal and pretty smooth. Maybe I'm just expecting too much from Vegas

    thanks for the reply

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    Quote Originally Posted by quebert View Post
    Maybe I'm just expecting too much from Vegas
    Well, the jury's out for the moment! Let's see yeah?


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    I don't know exactly what you mean by choppy, but I assume that you mean that the video stutters. Is that correct? If so, I've encountered the same thing and usually can fix it. Simply save your project and exit Vegas, then restart Vegas. This usualy remedies the stuttering (which can be pretty severe). Another thing you can do (this is done by restarting Vegas, bt you can do it without restarting) is clear your trimmer. It seems having anything in the trimmer causes this stuttering problem.

    Sometimes though, I can't get past this when using mpg source files, but there is another way. Take each individual clip you're using and create an AVI from it to use as your source. I frequently use mpgs as the source files and these are notorious for causing the problem. Creating a new source file that is AVI will fix this most of the time. Render it as non-compressed, and render it in the size of the original or slightly smaller. This fixes incomplete frames for one thing, and it gives you better frame alignment when using 'quantisize to frames'.

    A couple of recommendations.

    1 - Memory. You need at least 2 Gb of memory if you're serious about movie editing.
    2. If you have unused files in your project media, delete these. This helps to some degree.
    3. Do not overlap media when it is not necessary. Just because underlying layers don't pass through upper layers, doesn't make it acceptable to keep the underlying layer intact. Split this and separate it so that media overlaps ONLY when it is necessary. This puts a lot less strain on your processor and memory requirements.

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