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Thread: Mic connectors. Can you help me please?

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    Question Mic connectors. Can you help me please?

    Firstly, I hope I have the right forum here

    My question is probably quite simple, But I'm finding it harder than most.

    Basically, Both my camcorders have an input on them that takes a lead which then goes to my TV via seperate SCART inputs (A red and yellow). The actual connector that goes into the camera is similar to that of a headphone lead (If i knew the name this topic wouldn't sound so awful :p).

    My question is ...

    I'm looking at getting myself a microphone for outside use and interviewing, Something that's avoiding the god awful standard mics most cameras are equipped with. Will this connector I've described in the paragraph above take microphone inputs? Is that another purpose for it?

    Also, Can you point me towards some good starter sets that come with a stand and boom?

    Looking forward to your replies, I'm sorry for the awful description. Feel free to ask for more details!


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    Just make sure you have a microphone socket (mic in) on your camcorder(s) before you buy. The socket you describe that you connect a lead to your tv with is an AV socket that carries both audio and video. I have a similar one on my Panasonics and the plug you are referring to is called a 3.5mm jack plug, that's what you are looking for on a new microphone, albeit a 3.5mm stereo jack plug - to give you a stereo audio recording as opposed to a mono recording. It has two little black rings going around the metal part that sticks in the hole. It would be fine for interviews aswell. What is your budget?


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