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Thread: really need help with setting to export movie

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    Default really need help with setting to export movie

    my problem is the video that had been exported is awfully quality dropped. i'm using this setting.

    microsoft AVI
    pal size (720x576)
    pixel 1.0
    cinepak compressor
    i already disable recompress check box.

    sometimes the quality didn't drop but the file size is too big and it takes long time to export.
    can i export movie a bit faster but remain good quality? what compressor should i use? i already tried divx 5.1 codec, yes it fast to export buat i never can get good quality.

    somebody please help me, i really need it! thank you.

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    Hi, I used microsoft decoders the xvid.

    but now I just take the adobe media encoder

    for inet the Pal wm9 preset, really compressed
    and otherwise just mpeg or mpeg2 or something

    But I am a noob don't listen to me

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    I agree. If you're using Premiere to export the final video and you want small file sizes, then take a look at the Adobe Movie Encoder (File > Adobe Media Encoder or there abouts). I believe this is only availbe from Premiere Pro 1.0.

    The speed of encoding issue is more related to the power of your PC rather than the codec used in encoding. Put simply, the faster the CPU, the faster the encoding times.

    Quality wise, there's inevitably a trade-off between small file sizes and good quality. Lets take away the computer geek language for a second: if you painted a picture with only 3 colours, used the back of a postage stamp as a canvas and then blew this up to A4, quality would be pretty awful, right? If, on the other hand, you use a full size canvass with all the paints you need, quality would be perfect (assuming your name is Monet).

    However, some people are better at painting with a limited number of colours by mixing paints. Essentially, you could combine the three colours to make just about any colour you need!

    This analogy is how codecs work. Rather than using ALL the data to produce the video, they borrow bits from the previous and preceeding frames. If bits are roughly the same, they just say, "use the data from the previous frame and discard what's in the present". That way, the amount of data is reduced. As there's less data, the file sizes are smaller.

    Some codecs are better at compressing the data than others. For example MPEG4 (divx, xvid, wmv etc) is better at making file sizes smaller than MPEG2 without a proportionate decrease in quality.

    So, for any given data rate, the quality of MPEG4 would be better. This, of course, has a limit an upper limit. At very high bitrates, there will be no difference between the two. Because of the way they work, the highest quality is used by using a less lossy codec (one that throws less data away at any given datarate), so for those that demand the highest quality, high file sizes are inneviatble.

    I think I've strayed from your original question!!!
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    thanks for the reply. that helps me a lot.

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