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    I havent been on here for ages! hope everyone is well!

    ok my problem is im trying to cut sections to take and out stuff, but everytime i click on cut it cuts the whole thing ?

    any ideas?


    Ben Richards

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    There is a terrific basic editing guide.

    You not seen it? It's the smashing online HELP file. That's how I got to grips with Vegas. AND, it is always there for you.



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    well where is it then ? lol, and i know how to clip and stuff but when i clip now the whole date/video/audio on the track gets deleted ?


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    Quote Originally Posted by paradox View Post
    well where is it then ?
    Can't you see the "Help" Icon? Do you have you the FULL Vegas install?

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    Try ungrouping the specific part you want to delete. I've run into this problem too by inadvertently groupling sections more than once. Use the shortcut key 'U' to ungroup a specific part of a group, or remove the whole grouping (I don't recall the shortcut key). Ugroup as many times as necessary until you can isolate the particular section you wish to delete.

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