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Thread: Muzzle flashes with Adobe Premiere Pro 7.0?

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    Default Muzzle flashes with Adobe Premiere Pro 7.0?

    Hello everyone.

    I'm a new user of Adobe Premiere Pro 7.0 and I have one question:
    Is it possible to add muzzle flash-effects with that program or do I need some addittional programs, such as Adobe After Effects, etc?

    I have the Action Movie Essentials -CD, which contains ready muzzle flashes and explosions (.mov -files).

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    The short answer is yes. Applyign the muzzel flashes in Premiere Pro is easy enough. It's creating the actual muzzle flash image/clip that's hard(er).

    You will get better results in After Effects but...

    Create a new sequence.
    Drop your clip on layer one.
    Import your flash clip and drop it on layer 2.
    Rotate and scale and you should be ok.
    You might then do better to apply a 'screen' layer blend to the flash layer. If I remember right you have to do this as a video effect in Premiere.

    You'll be able to get things a lot better in after effects though, believe me. If you've pivcked up Action Movie FX then no doubt you've watched a few of AK's tutorials. Combine a few of them together to get the perfect muzzle flash.

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