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    Default Fista Productions - The Battle

    My dad & made this on a whim.

    I came home with a tripod for my camera, asked him if he felt like making a fight scene with me, he said "why the fuck not?", & the rest is history.

    Keep in mind my dad is going to be 58 in january of '08. Most athletic old guy i've ever seen.

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    Quite enjoyed that - loved the sound fx. A few dodgy cuts but not many. Nice on.
    Your choice of name rased an eyebrow here....

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    Thanks man! It was my first time editing a fight scene. I know what ya mean about a few cuts, but Iíll learn from it for next time. That title was the working title through production.. and I couldnít think of a damn thing else.. So it just stuck Glad you enjoyed it!

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    Great editing job the video looked like the UFC out doots.

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    I checked out your video and thought it was pretty entertaining. I am not sure how to critique this considering that in your original post, you say that you "did this on a whim". If you wanted to do more of these, my suggestion would be to have a camera operator that could do variable snap zooms, and pans along with the action of punches and kicks. This would speed up the sequence and cover any of the hits that may look fake. Also try to stage your camera and action closer and behind the subjects that are taking the hits.

    Your editing was pretty good. However with fights, try to keep your cuts within 1 to 2 seconds of each other. Love the music. Congrats on your video. You certainly have discovered how much fun this stuff can be. Keep on, keep'n on!
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    Thanks Photobug!

    Smidgets: Thanks for the critique! We did the best we could for two guys, a tripod, & no game plan. Iíll definitely take your advice for the next movie I make.

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    Hey good work man, I really like it. It must've been a lot of fun filming with your dad.

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    Thanks HarryT! It was definitely great filming that with my dad. We never actually made something like that together before, so it was a lot of fun.

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