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Thread: Canon Camcorder MV800 Pixalation Problem

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    Question Canon Camcorder MV800 Pixalation Problem

    Hi from newby,
    Had the Canon Camcorder MV800 for about 18 months and used it approx. 10 times for usual holiday stuff. Just recorded a kiddies party but on playback (on camera), I have got the main picture and sound but have an equal number of pixalated lines, horizontally across the screen!!
    Tried an old tape, with the same result.
    Tapes are JVC mini DV 60, recorded in LP and only used once. (recorded in one pass - no re-records).
    The User manual suggests a tape Cleaner?
    Any ideas or experience out there?


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    More than likely that's what the problem is, dirty heads. Unfortunately, the results of having dirty heads are now recorded onto your tape and you are stuck with it. Also recording in LP mode won't give the best picture quality, stick to recording in SP mode where possible.

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    Smile Problem Fixed!

    Thanx Nico.
    I tried a Head Cleaning tape and after just a 10 second run the problem was fixed.

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