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    Complete newbie here, so if I'm asking stupid questions, please be nice. I've tried the search and can't find an answer, so I'm hoping someone can help.

    I'm doing a film quiz next year for a school fundraising event. I did one last year and used a few editing programs, but this year I want to do something for a round and I'm not sure what program I need to do it or even if it can be done.

    I want to take ten clips (about 15 seconds) of people singing in cars from 10 films. Then I want to take off the audio from each clip and put it back on a different clip in the set of 10. Does that make sense? The people playing the quiz will then need to name all 10 films and match the correct sone with the correct film.

    I have (or will have) all 10 films in avi format, so what I need to know is, firstly, is it possible to do this? And secondly, what software can I use to do it?

    As it's for school fundraising, I'm looking for freeware if possible, and preferably something easy-ish to use as I'm pretty much a beginner at this.

    Hope you can help
    Many thanks

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    Yes, it's possible to do all of those things you ask, you can do them in Windows Movie Maker if you want to or you can download a 30 day trial of either Adobe Premiere Elements 4 or Pinnacle Studio or Sony Vegas. They are all very good video editors and should last you long enough at least to do your project. Just go onto their respective websites and find the download section and follow the onscreen instructions. Windows Movie Maker will do it aswell, it's just the other editors do it better and have more features.

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    Many thanks for that.

    I did use Windows Movie maker quite a lot for the last quiz, which was fine, but I found it crashed quite often. I'll give one of the other programs you list a try and see how I get on with them.

    Pleased to know it's possible to do it anyway.

    Thanks again

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    Windows Movie Maker should run alright on a reasonably specified computer, it might have been the video files you were using or the hard disk may need to have been defragmented. You need to do that on a regular basis before you capture video. Let us know how you get on with whatever piece of software you choose.

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